Why yoga is for everybody and every body

I’ve heard it many times: “I would love to do yoga but I’m not flexible“, “I’m too old for yoga“ or “Oh, I’m not into spirituality.“

Guess what? Yoga offers something for everybody! No matter the level of flexibility, body shape, age, existing injury or background.

Here are five reasons why yoga is for you, too

1. There is not one “yoga-body“

So you’re not a 20-something, bendy, Instagram-supermodel? Don’t let yourself miss out on the wonderful gift that yoga can bring to your life just because you’re afraid of not fitting into a certain stereotype. Women, men and children of all shapes and sizes can practice yoga!

2. No, you don’t have to be spiritual

If you feel uncomfortable just by thinking of “OM-ing“, don’t fret! There is absolutely no necessity of being spiritual just because you practice Yoga. Yes, eventually you might dig a bit deeper and want to know more about that side of yoga but if you’re doing is purely to de-stress, calm down or even just to move your body, that’s totally fine!

3. No flexibility? No problem

Guess what? I have tight hamstrings too and wasn’t blessed with open hips. But Yoga isn’t about being able to “get into the pose“, it’s about creating space where you were once stuck, coming back to yourself and appreciating your body and everything it does for you. And getting more flexible is just a side effect of our practice that comes with time.

4. It’s all about making yoga work for YOU

Do you have a funky knee or a stiff shoulder? Old injuries that make you less dynamic? Yoga can help you become more fluid and regain mobility! For every pose there is a modification, so don’t let your body’s little quirks stop you from getting on the mat.

5. Think you’re too old? Think again!

Yoga, especially restorative yoga, can work wonders for older people – physically and psychologically! Incorporating a yoga practice into their lives can help with joint pain, osteoarthritis, memory loss and self-confidence.

So who cares if the girl in front of you can do a headstand or the guy next to you can touch his toes. Focus on YOUR practice and all is coming.

Still not sure how you can make yoga work for YOU? Let me help you!

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