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This 3- or 5-day private Yoga and Life Coaching retreat in Canggu, Bali or Rabat, Morocco is your chance to slow down, detox your body and mind and recharge your batteries. The Reset offers a unique combination of Yoga and Life Coaching in order to support you on all levels – physically, spiritually and mentally.

During private Holistic Yoga sessions, which are tailored to your specific needs, you are able to reconnect with your body and mind and let go of physical and mental tension. Specific meditations and breathing exercises allow you to ground, recharge your batteries and let go of worries and anxiety. Bali’s beautiful nature offers the perfect surroundings for your exploration of body, mind and soul.

Through one-on-one Life Coaching sessions you get the opportunity to examine your life, reflect and figure out what is working and what is not. No matter which area of your life you want to work on – relationships, business or health – you will leave Bali with a clearer mind, in control and with actionable steps that will empower you to create positive change in your life.

As an added bonus, you will find deep relaxation and healing through traditional wellness treatments that complement your journey to a more balanced you.


This private retreat is ideal for anyone who needs to slow down, recharge and needs a moment of reflection in his or her life. Executives, entrepreneurs, busy moms, students, business owners – anyone feeling stressed, stuck and looking for a way to gain more balance, clarity and energy.

The setting of our retreat is causal and relaxed and you can be sure to have a lot of fun on the way, too! We are all about achieving maximum results in the most enjoyable and easygoing way, which means that we will explore different beautiful locations during your yoga and coaching sessions, take you to the most beautiful spots in the area, and are very flexible in terms of your personal preferences and needs. The beauty of a private retreat is that you will be taken care of on all levels and can completely relax and let go.

Having lived in both Bali and Morocco, we will be happy to give you recommendations for the best healthy places in town, amazing spas, new hot spots, the most spectacular sunset bars and much more.


  • Early morning private Holistic Yoga, meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques) by the beach or in a beautiful studio
  • Healthy breakfast at one of our favourite cafés
  • One-on-one Life Coaching session (activities will include Wheel of Life, Time-Line, Personality Profiling, and Goal Setting)
  • Lunch break and afternoon at leisure
  • Evening private Holistic Yoga, meditation and pranayama


  • 6 – 10 hours of private Holistic Yoga 

  • 3 hours of one-on-one Life Coaching 

  • 2 massages or beauty treatments in selected spas

  • 1 healthy breakfast at one of our favourite cafés


  • Find calmness, reduce stress and recharge

  • Explore the connection of body, mind and soul

  • Gain flexibility and strength

  • Learn what type of Yoga is best for your body and mind

  • Nourish yourself with healthy food

  • Gain clarity about what you want in life and your life purpose

  • Remove limiting beliefs and obstacles that are holding you back

  • Learn new techniques and strategies to manage all areas of your life

3-day retreat: USD $600

5-day retreat: USD $780

This retreat is customizable and can be tailored to your needs. 



Private Holistic Yoga

My approach to Yoga is that there is no “one size fits all”. We all have different bodies, health issues, lifestyles and stressors. We live in different environments, have different jobs and our life circumstances are not the same.

Someone who is stressed and anxious might need a more calming Yoga practice. On the other hand, a person that feels sluggish and has weight issues would benefit from a more energising and dynamic Yoga. Working holistically means that I look at the person as a whole in order to offer an individualised Yoga practice tailored to your specific needs.

In order to get clear about your specific needs and the results you want to achieve with your life, we will first look at your physical and mental constitution (or “dosha” in Ayurveda), your state of mind and health, current life situation and personal issues you might struggle with.

I will then create a customized Yoga practice for you, which always includes a breathing technique and meditation that complements the Yoga poses. I will also consult you regarding possible lifestyle changes you might want to make in order to bring even more balance to your life. These include nutritional recommendations, Ayurvedic practices, meditation and breathing techniques, morning and nighttime routines, productivity tips and more.

Healthy food

Nutritious food plays an important role during your stay  – a healthy body feeds a healthy mind. Both Bali and Morocco are meccas for healthy living enthusiasts and offer a wide variety of cafés and restaurants to satisfy your tastebuds – no matter your dietary preferences.

Enjoy delicious breakfast bowls bursting with fresh fruit, colourful salads full of local produce, a vibrant coffee culture, exotic health elixirs, nutritious veggie, meat and seafood dishes and everything in between.

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Life Coaching

During your Life Coaching sessions, our experienced NLP-certified Life Coach will create a safe and supportive space where you can share your deepest worries, fears, and thoughts. Together, you will examine your life to see what’s working and what’s not.

Specific exercises and techniques will reveal your values, key personality traits, and strengths, and determine how you can use this new information to start asking the right questions and set new goals and objectives for your life.

Read more about our Life Coach here.

Spa treatments

The Reset not only gives you the chance to find peace of mind through Yoga and meditation and clarity through Life Coaching, but also a deep sense of serenity and healing through treatments that allow you to completely bliss out.

Bali and Morocco are known for their traditional healing therapies and beauty rituals, which have been used for centuries and were handed down from generation to generation. Indulge in relaxing traditional massages, detoxifying facials or all-natural manis and pedis and one of our selected spas.


Canggu, Bali

Located on Bali’s west coast, Canggu is one of the island’s treasures: It brings together people who love Yoga, surf, nature and delicious healthy food. This little town is a vibrant cultural hub for international travellers and has a magical atmosphere.

You will find everything your heart desires here: An abundance of healthy organic cafés and restaurants, amazing spas, beautiful beachfront bars and beach clubs, the perfect waves, charming boutiques and most importantly, happy and positive people all around.

Rabat, Morocco 

Morocco holds an immediate and captivating fascination to everyone who visits. Its richly diverse culture has been shaped by 3,000 years of history, with the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Mediterranean countries to the east, Europe to the north and sub-Saharan Africa to the south.

From the beauty of the culture to delicious and exotic Moroccan meals, to idyllic surf spots and wonderful conditions for Yoga – Rabat has it all.

At our retreats, we combine European quality and safety standards with North-African hospitality and familiarity with the country in order to offer you an unforgettable experience.


  • Our retreats are private and individual. We do our best to facilitate your stay and make it as convenient as possible.
  • The retreat doesn’t include accommodation, but we can arrange it and suggest a few options from our hotel and villa partners in Bali and Morocco.
  • Except for breakfast on your first day, meals are not included in order to leave you the choice amongst all the fantastic cafes and restaurants. You’ll want to try them all!
  • The retreat is customizable. If you would like to include more spa treatments or other activities in one of your free afternoons we can help you with that.


I had the most gorgeous experience with Miriam. I was really impressed and inspired with her holistic yoga approach. Miriam had an excellent understanding of my imbalances (from an Ayurvedic perspective) and used this insight to develop a personalised yoga sequence, along with meditation exercises, for exactly what I needed. I felt so nurtured and cared for during our practices.

As an added value service, she then sent me an audio sequence to take home with me so that I can use this practice as part of my new daily ritual. (I could literally take her home with me !)

Miriam’s work ties in beautifully with her partner who is a mindset and performance coach. Their work complements each other beautifully.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Miriam as a personal yoga coach, whatever your your yogi level!

Laura Sutherland, Director at 3D Recruit

From non-yogi to yogi-Jordy in only 1 week!

Already experiencing great results in terms of flexibility and balance. Miriam pays close attention to what you need and tailors her classes to get what’s best for you. Above all she’s one of those persons you really want to be around. Positive mind & good energy.

Thank you Miriam .

Jord Cuiper, Entrepreneur / Founder at Fanly - Loyalty Marketing for Retail