June 2017

Add more play to your life! Why it’s beneficial and 3 ways to do it 

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Living in Bali, one of the most striking differences between Balinese and Western society I noticed is the fact that the Balinese are very happy and positive people. You rarely see a sad face here. During one of his visits to Bali in 1933, Charlie Chaplin already said: "From these people one gleans the true [...]

Not getting the most out of yoga? Why you might need a personalized practice

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Do you ever feel drained of energy and sluggish after your yoga practice? Maybe your mind is even more racy than before? Or you've already been doing yoga for a long time and still can’t get that damn stress under control? Whenever people ask me why yoga "doesn't seem to work" for them, my question is: [...]

Why yoga is for everybody and every body

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I’ve heard it many times: “I would love to do yoga but I’m not flexible“, “I’m too old for yoga“ or “Oh, I’m not into spirituality.“ Guess what? Yoga offers something for everybody! No matter the level of flexibility, body shape, age, existing injury or background. Here are five reasons why yoga is for you, [...]

Why breathing can relieve stress and improve your health

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What if there was a simple way to help calm us down, de-stress and come back to ourselves in any situation? Sounds too good to be true? Well, we already have that tool inside of us - our breath. Change your breathing pattern, change your life  Research has shown that conscious, deep and slow breathing [...]